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Gopher of the Month

March 2014: gopher://gopher.viste-family.net

Well, midway into the month, here is this month's recommendation: gopher.viste-family.net. This lovely burrow is actively maintained. Like comics? You can read some here. Like software? Check out the maintainer's ...

Web2Gopher News Blog

A few updates

Added links for gopherpedia.com, the Gopher2000 Ruby gopher server, and gopher-proxy. Culled one dead link.

What Is Gopher?

Gopher is an internet protocol, like HTTP, that serves up information and files in simple, easy to navigate directories. Unfortunately, not all web browsers support gopher. If you are using Lynx, OmniWeb, a version of Firefox or Chrome with the Overbite exension installed, then you should be able to browse gopher sites as you would any other website. Your mileage will vary with other browsers. For a more thorough treatment of which browsers do and do not work with gopher, please read Using a web browser to access gopher space.

If your browser does not work with gopher, you can still access it through the proxy-servers listed below, which will allow you to browse gopher through the world wide web. Web2Gopher tries to make you gopher experience simpler by attempting to automatically detect if you're using a browser that supports gopher and providing you with either native gopher links or, if you're not using a compatible browser, routing you through a proxy-server. However, Web2Gopher's browser detection isn't perfect. If you are being given the wrong links, you can chose to use native gopher links or proxy links.

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